Why, hello there!

My name is Anne Joy, I’m a high school student. I like long walks to the fridge and I want to become the next Beyoncé. Please call me Joy. Or Joyoncé (Just kidding!!!). If you call me Anne, there’s a good chance that I hate you, haha (✿◠‿◠).

Only kidding.


Anyway, I created this blog to talk about antiwar. I chose this topic because I think war is unnecessary. War may solve some national problem, but it brings the world down with it. I mean, this world has other problems going on like poverty, pollution, hunger, yet some assholes decide to use extreme violence to solve a dispute…which results to more poverty and social disruption.

Like wow, thanks assholes!!!!!!!!

While creating this blog/ project, I hope I learn what other people feel about this topic and if they think the same.


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