*Freddie Mercury voice* Goodbye everybody- I’ve got to gooo

Alright, since we’re about to reach the end, let us compare and contrast here. Yeah I know, sounds BoOoORing but this part is required so spare me.

Let’s start with the two songs I used: They both talk about anti hate. However, “Blowin’ In The Wind” asks more metaphorical  questions like:

“Yes, ‘n’ how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?”

This gets you thinking.

Whilst “Where Is The Love?” also asks you questions but they’re straight up, it’s not metaphorical, this song tells you what is wrong with this world.

Moving on to the two news articles: These are only similar because they’re also both anti hate. The article “All’s Fair in Love and Peace” is about the Washington march on Vietnam, and people were fighting over the flag. The recent article “What if Laws Applied to Everyone?” is a series of rhetorical questions that share a common theme: a world without government. This article does talk about antiwar, too, IN FACT, it was written on the site- antiwar.com (WHAT A COINCIDENCE, just kidding that was the first place I looked for articles).

Finally, the two works of art: The first one, Flower Power, was taken at the Pentagon Protest during the 1960s, this picture portrays spreading love. The second one, Stop., well, you know what this picture means. If you don’t, I am so sorry. The two pictures both have the same meaning… (if you guessed A N T I W A R, good job, if you didn’t… uh…)

The 1960s has inspired us, in a way. The strong belief against war hasn’t changed. We do share the same opinions about antiwar though, but it’s not as strong now because there hasn’t been a war like Vietnam in a while. I don’t know, a human with morality shouldn’t like war, so this will never change.


What do you think?

XOXO Gossip Joy


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